About Us

About Us


Welcome to our website!  For fifteen years, we have worked together to survive our education, training and careers as a doctor and attorney.  Christy is a maternal fetal medicine physician with an interest preeclampsia and a passion for helping physicians maintain a good work-life balance.  Richard is a business attorney and registered investment adviser (licensed in CO, TN and KY) who has been representing physicians, medical practices and other businesses as a “general counsel” or “family attorney” for nearly twelve years.  Christy and Richard created this website to empower, educate and entertain its readers on topics pertinent to physicians, including tax planning, employment concerns, financial education and professional development.  We hope to update this website frequently and have it serve as a resource to learn about a wide variety of topics, share thoughts, learn from other physicians, and occasionally get a laugh out of the frustrations and joys of being a doctor.

Christy was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama.  She attended Samford University, then University of Alabama-Birmingham for medical school, followed by an OB-GYN residency in Chattanooga, and a MFM fellowship in Lexington, Kentucky.  Her first position post-fellowship was at a large academic medical center.  As much as she enjoyed her colleagues and her work, she experienced burnout and its impact on her well-being and her family.  In an effort to achieve a reasonable work-life balance, she took a position at Southern Colorado MFM in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Richard grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee and is the son of a doctor from which the website got its name (along with the play on words that expresses the frustration that doctors experience).  Richard is also the grandson, nephew and husband of doctors, nurses, sonographers, dentists and pharmacists.  Always the rebel in his own way, and not being particularly fond of biology in high school, Richard had no hopes of being a doctor, and instead planned on being an investment adviser while in college at Samford University.  His experience one summer as an intern at a large brokerage scared him away from that idea. So when he took the LSAT on somewhat of a whim and did much better than he expected, Richard decided to go to law school.  Subsequently, Richard joined Grant, Konvalinka & Harrison, P.C. in Chattanooga, Tennessee and worked with many physicians in areas of business transactions, estate planning, tax and business litigation. Richard’s continued passion and research into finance and investments enabled him to recognize the ways in which many of his law clients were being mistreated, if not manipulated, by people in the insurance and investment industries.  As a result of some specific, extreme situations of mistreatment of Richard’s clients, Richard decided to form his own registered investment advisory firm, Prosper Financial Management, LLC, through which Richard offers financial planning and investment services.