In this game, I supply the attorney Latin terms and Christy comes up with the OB interpretation.

  1. res ipsa loquitur–how the rhythm method = pregnancy
  2. a mensa et thoro–this one may relate to how babies are made (per Richard, I left it because- see #7)
  3. actus reus–a third degree tear
  4. force majeure— outlet forceps with terminal fetal bradycardia
  5. caveat emptor–pseudocyesis
  6. contra proferentem–external cephalic version
  7. de bonis asportatis–this one almost definitely relates to how babies are made
  8. ejusdem generis “of the same kind”– Monozygotic twins
  9. habeas corpus–when the FOB passes out in a delivery
  10. jus inter gentes–pelvic rest indicated

-Richard and Christy