I have been planning a big Doctor’s Day discussion post since Doctor’s day last year. I jotted down notes, etc. Then I didn’t realize Doctor’s day fell when I was on vacation. And, if I’m being honest, my vacay brain doesn’t want to synthesize my readings, discussions, and thoughts on this topic. In my relatively new process of setting boundaries, I’m going to reserve vacation time for vacation, and plan better next time.

So, for Doctor’s day, I am doing the best thing I could think of, enjoying the fruits of my labor while recharging and renewing myself to prepare for the work ahead.

I will give you guys my thoughts…just not on the correct day (today).

But remember, even if no one else appreciates you today, you can appreciate yourself. Acknowledge to yourself all the work you did to get to this point today. Acknowledge the amazing care you give your patients and quality you represent to your organizations. Pat yourself on the back and give yourself a break, a little grace. Maybe you can’t get a massage, or time off or a nice dinner. Maybe you are on call and the black cloud is raining down. But you can be present today and (possibly in very small moments) smile at all that you have learned and all that you have to offer. Know your own value. As a person, as a physician. Be whole and love yourself today.