I’m not doing Christmas Cards this year. And that’s ok.

What, you say? Christmas has passed? It’s 2018 already?

Oh. Well, we were pretty busy there over the holidays now weren’t we?

I love love holiday cards. Love them. Love making ours, love receiving everyone else’s. Love putting them up all over my kitchen. It’s all part of the fun. And my very practical hubs, nearly every year, asks me why I devote so much time to our own cards – getting the pictures, picking the card, designing the card, updating addresses and mailing them out. You know the drill. And I respond with my classic defense of all things mine and irrational: sometimes the things that give you (and others) joy are not practical or time efficient. Take that JD MBA pragmatists.

But this year – or last year I guess, he was finally right. Our holiday season 2017 was a fantastic chaos during which I did not carve out the time to complete my beloved Christmas cards plastered with my family photo of which I am always so terribly, obnoxiously proud. No worries, I thought, I will just send out New Year’s cards instead. So unique and trendy anyway. Except I came down with a glorious stomach bug followed by way too much fun vacationing with friends. Actually come to think of it, New Year’s cards would have still been late even if I had done them on vacation. But then I remembered the year we moved across the country – I didn’t have time for either of those cards and sent out “love” themed family photo cards in time for Valentine’s day. Problem solved. I’ll just do that again. Except currently I’m feeling more like that is a chore on my to do list than something that brings me joy. I could still get Valentine’s day cards out. But…I don’t want to. And (shocker – seriously, why am I shocked – but I am) I don’t have to! I don’t have to do holiday cards, New Year’s cards, or any version of make-up holiday cards I could create. And nothing terrible will happen if I don’t.

Shhh!! Don’t tell my husband, but this (I mean last) year at least, he was right about the Christmas Cards.

Do you know how freeing this is? Not the telling my husband he’s right part. The not doing cards part.

Why do I – why do we – hold ourselves to funny fake obligations when there are are much bigger fish in our lives to fry? I’m not a therapist or a psychiatrist, so I don’t have an answer to my own question, but it was rhetorical anyway. The point is, what is your Christmas card this year?  What false obligation are you forcing yourself to uphold that doesn’t work for you or your family? What would happen if you decided to streamline your life and dropped that one task?

I’m not doing Christmas cards this last year. But maybe next this year. Maybe.