Before I get into the Monday Minute, I want to start by apologizing for posting less frequently the past few weeks. I hope to get back up to speed starting this week. Work and family always come first, and both have kept me exceptionally busy the past few weeks!

One of my favorite blogs is Future Proof M.D., run by Dr. Bo Liu, a radiology resident. Having indirectly experienced residency with my dad and again with my wife, I have no idea how Dr. Liu finds time to write so consistently and frequently about personal finance and investing topics.

One great reason to visit Future Proof M.D. frequently is the breadth of subjects he covers, whether directly or through guest posts. Not only does he write about in-depth topics such as student-loan repayment plans and the use of 0% interest credit cards, but he also frequently posts about ways to save money and current deals, whether it is saving money on flights or job interviews or recent credit card deals. While some of the offers may be tied to a referral fee, that doesn’t prevent them from being good deals.

I also enjoy how Future Proof M.D. provides some personal information about his finances, including his net worth update. It is hard to put such information online for the world to see, but it is also the best way to help show others your successes and failures, as well as receive encouragement and critiques of your plan, which Dr. Liu lays out in great detail. Although his current net worth is negative (ours was too until recently), it will be fun to see how it grows almost exponentially once he gets into practice and is able to save more aggressively.

I highly encourage you to bookmark and visit his blog every couple of days. Now, if I can only talk him out of the Dave Ramsey camp…